Stainless steel water heaters, boilers

We use massive, high-alloy stainless steel material for their production,  material with increased resistance to chemical and electrochemical corrosion in hot water high chlorine content and hardness. Vessels are made of solid stainless steel material which is characterized by high strength, resistant to shock and tension. Spiral tubular exchangers are made of high-alloy stainless steel profiled pipe, which is compared to conventional smooth tube unique for its huge transmit power, due the turbulent flow of media. These stainless spiral tube heat exchangers resist overpressures up to 16 bar and prevent sedimentation. Compared to conventional enamelled water heaters our products are characterised by an extremely high service life. Our guarantee is high lifespan of selected types of stainless steel water heaters, boilers and water tanks, it is a 10-year warranty on sealing of the vessel and the tube exchangers. Strong insulating layer of special tempered PUR foam up to 57 mm thick, applied to a pressure vessel forms, ensures minimum heat losses and low operating costs.

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