We are a family business and we enjoy what we do

We are the biggest Czech manufacturer of stainless steel heaters and hot water tanks. Our family engineering company is located in the very heart of the Beskydy Mountains. We've already been in the Czech and foreign markets for 3 decades. We produce and supply a wide assortment of stainless and steel products for heating and storage of the hot water. Our main production programs are mass-produced stainless water heaters, boilers and water reservoirs with which we have become number one in their production. The high quality of our products ensures we are leaders in this field.

rolf = Supplier of the highest quality products

Our offer also includes a custom production of atypical stainless and steel products, such as storage tanks, water storage tanks, boilers, aerators, wind turbines, expansion pressure containers, condensate tanks, tubular manifolds and skimmers and other atypical products for heating, water, cooling and chemical industry. It also includes various stainless steel containers, cookware boilers and tanks for breweries, distilleries, sugar refineries and food industry. We insist on good quality processing of our products, precision and at last but not least, on fast deliveries that we're able to achieve due to semi-automated production, many years of experience and trained staff. We also have our own construction facilities, where experienced engineers and qualified construction specialists work.
Production takes place at our newly modernized production facilities. We process the materials with the most modern technological processes. Welding of stainless steel materials is performed in a protective atmosphere. All products are subjected to strict controls and final pressure welding seal tests. To increase durability and unification of surface appearance of stainless steel products we provide chemical pickling and passivation in our own specialized workplaces.
We also specialize on the production of stailess steel containers, components and technological units for breweries, restaurant mini-breweries, that we deliver to, all around the whole world. Like that we're responding to an increasing worldwide demand for this sort of products.

From our history

Our company was founded in 1993. At this time, the owner of the company - Rudolf Jurajda decided to produce his first 200liters large combined stainless steel water heater in the garage of his family house. His dream was to produce high quality stainless steel, hygienically safe water heaters and boilers with a long lifespan and low operating costs. He used his many years of experience of industrial operating of a former engineering company Tesla, where he worked for more than 20 years in the development and manufacturing department of technological equipment. He soon became successful and the business was developed quickly.

In 1995, the company moved to the newly built premises. We have obtained the necessary certificates and atestations for the production of water heaters and water tanks made of stainless steel. We have gradually expanded our portfolio of our products started with the production of storage tanks, reservoirs for water, pressure vessels and other atypical products for the heating, cooling and food industries. We have also expanded the list of our customers in the Czech Republic and abroad. All the three sons of the owner also took part in running the company over time. In 2006, production facilities expanded building a new production hall. Also, the production itself was subsequently upgraded and supplemented by many top-notch production technologies and semi-automatised welding devices. Due to the reliable quality of ours products and the positive references of our customers we can constantly continue to develop our activities.