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sídlo firmy

A Czech family business with more than 15-years experience in the production of a wide ranging assortment of stainless and steel products for the heating of water (heating water – medium) and hot service water with our registered office in Bacov, Prostřední Bečva which is ranked due to the quality of the processing of the products as one of the leading producers in this region.

The primary product assortment is the production of various volume series, stainless and steel reservoirs, accumulation and solar tanks. For each series, the method of heating can be selected.

  • shell
  • exchange
  • electric

The vessel dimensions and the dimensions and location of the sleeves can be modified according to the requirements of the client while still keeping the functional and material properties of the certified products.

The ROLF company also deals in the production of hot-water exchangers for burnt gases from fireplaces, baking furnaces and other equipment, safety – mixing nodes and series components for the regulation of heating water – medium and hot service water. The company also deals with the continual development of equipment for use with ecological heating sources, together with conventional sources, for the heating of service water and heating water - medium, for family houses, boarding houses and small companies.

Production takes place in a newly modernised hall. Materials are processed using the latest technologies, such as cutting by laser beam, bending on CNC equipment and welding in a protective atmosphere are the latest procedures used by the welding robot from the ESAB company.

Machine equipment used by ROLF

bending machine hydraulic scissors for metal sheets pilous saw for metal automated ESAB welding machine
  • hydraulic scissors for metal sheets,
  • hydraulic press,
  • bending machine,
  • palletizing electric truck,
  • pilous saw for metal, automated machines, lathes,
  • automated ESAB welding machine and others...

product warehouse

The exclusive supplier of the high-quality stainless materials produced by ROLF is Thyssen Krupp Ferrosta spol. s.r.o. This company ensures the permanent delivery of high-quality stainless material. On the basis of this, ROLF can react extremely flexibly to the requirements of clients regarding the assortment and variability of products.

Výstavy a veletrhy

The company regularly presents both its new and current products at the Infotherma - Ostrava, Aquat-herm – Prague trade fairs and on the website: www.rolf.cz.

Selected products are certified in the state testing laboratory in Brno.

The provision of high-quality services and a five year warranty for selected products is the basic strategy of the company.
Product parts from ROLF are protected by the utility design.